FitMums360 is an exercise programme designed specifically for the postnatal period by specialist Physiotherapists.

Pregnancy is a really challenging time for your body when it undergoes many physical changes. It is important to return to activity & exercise safely after having a baby to

allow your body to heal, recover, strengthen and connect.

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To empower women to feel stronger,

healthy and confident that they are

in control of their body.

FitMums360 provides a safe and  effective postnatal rehab and exercise programme that allows mums to reconnect with their body, activate their core & pelvic floor and restore strength and function.

​The programme was developed and is led by Chartered Physiotherapists who specialise in ante/postnatal rehab and pelvic health.

They have expert knowledge in managing postnatal issues including pelvic and back pain, diastasis, prolapse and incontinence.


We teach mums how to recover and gain control of their bodies again. 


We provide early classes that focus on reconnection, activation and strength through to cardio fitness, impact and return to sport.

We cater for all levels and abilities


Our FitMums online channel means you

can have unlimited access to our

classes and educational talks.

  • 6 weeks postnatal (longer following a c-section)
  • Registration form completed
  • £30 non-refundable deposit to be paid at time of booking
  • Remaining balance to be paid at the start of the programme

Phase 1 - 'Core Reconection'

  • Postnatal assessment & diastasis recti check by specialist

  • Home programme, exercise band & ball

  • 1 live (studio or virtual) class per week

  • Unlimited access to FitMums360 channel (exercise classes & educational talks)

  • Full specialist support

6 week programme costs £95

Phase 2 - 'Activate'

Take your recovery and fitness to the next level. Includes cardio, impact & fitness training.

  • 1 live (studio or virtual) class per week

  • Class recording available after

  • Unlimited access to Fitmums360 channel (exercise classes & educational talks)

  • Guidance from specialist throughout

6 week programme costs £90

Phase 3 - 'Restored' 

  • Return to full function / exercise / activities of daily life

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